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Discover millions of YouTube channels effortlessly with ChannelCrawler! Search for creators specific to your niche, make channel lists and get their contact details. Choose a Premium account to access 40+ filters and view thousands of channels each day. Then hit 'Export' to download the data!


Available for all channels.

Only available for channels with more than 10,000 subscribers

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Filter for your requirements across Millions of YouTubers

With the free version of our tool, you can search using ten basic filters to find the biggest creators, right through to small, growing channels - also known as ‘micro influencers’.

If you need more filters - like Subscriber Growth, Monthly Views, Topic searching and channel metadata like ‘Tags’ - you'll need a Premium subscription. Each tier provides access to more filters for improved search, wider channel results and discounts on our 'Exports' to level-up your search for the perfect YouTube partner.


How to Contact YouTube Creators at Scale

To run a campaign yourself, use the Export button within search results and select 'Include Email'. Tick the 'Full Data' option if you want to export Social Media handles too, like Instagram. For a large Export (>50k channels or >10k emails) Contact us for bespoke pricing and search help across our 150m channels. We have over 800,000 creators to contact with many that have ‘opted in’ via our platform.

Alternatively we can handle the process for you as a ‘Campaign’ product. We achieve strong open rates for our clients and have run many successful YouTube campaigns for consumer products companies as well as small agencies.

Visit our enterprise site at for our suite of data capabilities and marketing products.

How does the Channel Crawler work?