Scaling YouTube Success: Lang2Views Empowers Creators to Reach Global Audiences

Jake Kitchiner

Challenge: Scaling YouTube Reach Without Breaking the Bank

Lang2Views, a company dedicated to empowering YouTubers to reach global audiences through content translation, faced a common hurdle: acquiring new customers efficiently. Reaching out to a vast pool of creators and grabbing their attention proved challenging and resource-intensive. As Santiago, from Lang2Views, puts it, "Filtering and reaching out to large amounts of content creators and getting their attention is not an easy task."

Solution: Streamlining Discovery with Powerful Search and Insights

In Lang2views own words “without customers it's harder to make sales, and without sales it's harder to get customers. This is the challenge that many startups experience and we are no different. That's when Lang2Views reached out to StreamDNA who power ChannelCrawler and run a number of other service options.

Filtering and reaching out to large amounts of content creators and getting their attention is not an easy task but StreamDNA has made this easier.

Their platform has been easy to use, effective at filtering and reliable with the data that it retrieves. Thanks to the effectiveness of this tool we have been able to increase our sales. We are currently planning to increase our marketing efforts and we are determined to continue to use StreamDNA's platform thanks to the reliability and results it has produced.

Marketing is the first step of any successful customer journey and without sales Lang2views would not be viable.”

Results: Exponential Growth Fueled by Targeted Outreach

The impact was undeniable. Lang2Views achieved an impressive 45% open rate, 14% reply rate, and 2% conversion rate on their outreach campaigns – significantly exceeding their previous results and with very little brand recognition.

The real magic lies in what Lang2Views achieved for YouTubers. Their targeted outreach strategy fueled a surge in customer acquisition, which in turn helped them catapult a YouTuber from 0 to 1 million subscribers in just 4 months. This remarkable growth allowed Lang2Views to do what they do best: provide exceptional service that empowers creators to reach wider audiences.

Considering expanding your YouTuber reach and connecting with international audiences? Learn more about how to repeat Lang2Views' wins via StreamDNA's services.

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