How to find YouTuber emails

Geoffrey Reemer

The time for email outreach to YouTubers

As we move into 2024, the race to partner with YouTubers for product promotions is heating up. The Creator Economy is on the rise and understanding how to effectively reach out to these influencers is crucial for any marketing strategy. This guide, will navigate you through the process of how to retrieve the contact details of the right YouTube influencers for your brand.

Why You Need the Right YouTube Channels for Your Brand Before you even think about reaching out, it's essential to target the right YouTube channels that align with your brand's identity and values. ChannelCrawler simplifies this process, offering an extensive list of YouTube channels to help you find influencers who can truly amplify your marketing message. You can see more tips here on how to do this here.

Top Methods to Find and Contact YouTube Influencers

  1. Directly Through YouTube Start with the basics: check the 'About' page on a YouTuber's channel for contact details. Many creators list their business emails here, providing a direct line for collaboration inquiries.


    • Direct information from the YouTuber

    • Free and accessible for all channels


    • Time-consuming for extensive searches

    • You can't be 100% sure there is one there, leading to more wasted time.

  2. Exploring Social Media and Personal Websites Many YouTubers use multiple platforms to engage with their audience. Check their personal websites, Patreon, Twitter, and Instagram for potential contact information.


    • Broadens the search beyond YouTube

    • Free method to find contact details


    • Requires thorough research and time.

    • You have to be able to find their other handles which is harder for micro influencers

  3. ChannelCrawler’s Expertise Leverage ChannelCrawler’s extensive database and expertise to find the right YouTube influencers for your campaign. Our platform provides a streamlined approach to discovering and connecting with key content creators in your industry.


    • Access to a vast database of YouTube channels

    • Efficient and targeted search capabilities

    • Email contacts available at scale

    • No subscription is required to export emails


    • There is a cost... but don't worry, it's not a high one

  4. Utilizing YouTube Crawlers Services can be used to find email addresses associated with YouTube channels, though they are not specifically designed for YouTube influencer marketing. Pros:

    • User-friendly and can get emails quickly.


    • Limited information

    • The free plans are limited

    • Not made for YouTube

How we can further help

  • Reach influencers at scale - contact us

  • Get a paid planto get a discount on exports and utilise search filters

Remember, successful collaborations are built on authenticity and mutual respect, leading to more effective and impactful marketing campaigns.

For an in-depth analysis of YouTube channels and advanced influencer discovery, consider exploring ChannelCrawler’s full suite of tools and services, designed to empower your brand's presence on YouTube.