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Our solutions for Talent Teams:

New creator matches, every month, straight to your inbox

Need a monthly match of the top creators in specific categories like 'How to & Style', 'Beauty' or perhaps something more specific?

Get a custom report of new and growing YouTubers with our in-house analytics, in 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Set criteria - Define your search criteria that will reach the audience you need.
  • 2. Check your matches - We'll extract a list of all the YouTubers that meet that criteria.
  • 3. Receive matches on autopilot - Each month, you'll received a freshly curated list of YouTubers who match your specified criteria. To ensure you're always exploring new opportunities, we can exclude any channels previously reported, keeping your leads fresh and unique.
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Unlock a wealth of information with our extensive data collections

  • Huge reach: Search millions of public creator profiles across every social network. Then save searches and channels to keep track of your favourite channels and relevant niches.
  • Comprehensive Talent Database: Navigate through a vast array of profiles to find talents that match your precise criteria.
  • Email and Contact Information: Direct access to contact information simplifies outreach, making initial communications smoother.
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Have URLs or the channel IDs, but need more data?

We can enrich your data with:

  • Channel metrics
  • Channel info (e.g. name, country)
  • Contact details (socials, email address)
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Bespoke projects for talent teams

We also provide flexible, tailored, bespoke solutions for talent teams as needed. If you have a bespoke project or unique needs, let us know. We work directly and in collaboration with our network of partners to provide solutions.

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Discovering Emerging Talents: Find new, promising talents before they become widely recognized.

Tracking Talent Performance: Monitor the progress and engagement of potential talents across various platforms.

Personalizing outreach strategies: Craft marketing strategies that resonate with the unique attributes of each talent.

Expanding your reach: Grow the agency's reach into new markets and niches.