Now Creatives' Success in Finding the Right Talent

Jake Kitchiner

Challenge: Finding the right talent

Now Creatives specialises in taking the burden of pre- and post-video production off clients’ shoulders. When growing a brand, time is of the essence and brand visibility is paramount, and they understand the need for efficient and effective video content creation. They partner with both creators looking to elevate their online presence and businesses aiming to leave a lasting impression. 

This meant they faced two main challenges: 

First, they needed to find clients who were serious about growing their brand and willing to work together long-term. 

Second, pinpointing the right creators focused on growth, to effectively partner with them. 

Solution: Annual ChannelCrawler subscription

NowCreatives found ChannelCrawlerthrough recommendations. They chose it because it has a large database, was easy to use, and offered great customer service. For about two years, they have used ChannelCrawler to find and connect with the right creators. 

This tool helped them quickly and efficiently identify potential partners who fit their goals. Moreover it's given them the chance to develop creators' experience, grow their own personal brand and create new opportunities for themselves.

Note - creators NowCreatives is a great team to reach out to if you are a content creator looking to up your production game. You can contact them at:

Results: Faster Growth and delivering for Brands

Now Creatives recently enjoyed a partnership with Hearst magazines, the world's largest lifestyle publisher, in increasing production on their YouTube channel Clevver Style. They needed to rapidly ramp up the number of videos being produced weekly, while keeping quality high and the production process smooth. We were able to help them achieve all their goals and they left us a glowing review. 

For any creators, corporate brands or personal brands looking to increase production, improve content quality or simply avoid burnout, they can help you accomplish all of this and more. They are a great team too!

Using ChannelCrawler, Now Creatives saw a 45+% increase in successful partnerships and an improvement in project completion time. This helped them not only meet their immediate needs but also plan for future growth. The advanced search and analytics features of ChannelCrawler made it easier for them to find new opportunities and build strong, long-term partnerships.

Now Creatives' experience with ChannelCrawlers parent company StreamDNA helped them solve their problems and gave them valuable insights for the future. They can now better connect with committed partners and stay ahead of industry changes, ensuring they continue to provide top-quality video production services.

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