Our YouTube tools and solutions for Creator Acquisition

Hassle-free solutions that save you time, energy, and money:

Find & reach creators at scale

  • Over 1.3 million YouTuber emails. The most accurate and extensive database of Youtube creators.
  • 40+ filters to target the right influencers and markets for your campaign. Enabling you to scale quickly with high quality data.
  • Work with our team to curate a targeted list that works for you.
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Creator outreach as a service

  • Hassle-free outbound efforts, powered by our data.
  • If you hate outbound, aren't set up for it, or haven't got it right, then let us do it for you.
  • Simply tell us who you want to reach, and we work with our implementation partner to manage the campaigns on your behalf.
Creator Services

New leads, every month, straight to your inbox

  • Receive a monthly deck with the top creators in specific categories like 'Gaming', 'How to & Style' or 'Education'...
  • Tell us who you're looking for and we'll do the rest.
  • We can exclude channels previously reported so you receive fresh unique leads each time in custom reports.
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API access: power your tools with our real-time data

  • Track Youtubers' performance, create alerts, track KPIs. Your tech teams will love it!
  • Combine our database of over 158 million channels with your own. We can track any channel you require.
  • Drive leads as often as you need them.
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Fully bespoke projects

We offer boutique, custom solutions for clients with specific needs. Tailoring services to your unique requirements, curating datasets, working with our partners and more. Let us know what challenge you're facing, and we'll work together to solve it.

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What our customers say


"As a startup, quickly acquiring quality customers at reasonable cost is essential. ChannelCrawler collaborated closely, bringing to bear their deep expertise, creativity and experience in the creator space. Moreover, the delivery rate reflected the high-quality and reliability of their data. Would recommend their services and data to anyone."

James Alexander

Founder @ Asqme

Asqme provides a creator service by enabling thousands of creators to transform audience queries into revenue opportunities.


"When expanding my business into the YouTube space it became daunting finding channels, until I discovered ChannelCrawler. I've used the service multiple times and the ease has led to not only saving me time, but also a boost in revenue. I'd highly recommend ChannelCrawler to anyone diving into the world of YouTube."

Matt Cisneros

Founder @ Backyard Ventures

Backyard Ventures focus on brand development and monetization across podcasts, social media, video, and email newsletters. They strive to find long term, like-minded partners.


"Thanks to their effectiveness, we have been able to increase our sales. We are currently planning to increase our marketing efforts and we are determined to continue to use ChannelCrawler's platform thanks to the reliability and results it has produced."

Santiago Diaz

Founder @ Lang2views

Lang2views provides translation services for YouTubers and content creators. It has taken channels from 0 to 1.2 million subscribers.


"Working with ChannelCrawler was great. Incredibly attentive team with a top notch product that has helped us maximize our business."

Jorge Brea

CEO @ Symphonic

Symphonic Distribution provides thousands of artists, labels, and managers with comprehensive digital music distribution to hundreds of retail and streaming platforms worldwide


"ChannelCrawler has been an indispensable asset in our quest to find a method of reliably identifying creators who are committed to growth and poised to invest in their commitment"

Camille Grasley

Managing Director @ Now Creatives

Now Creatives take pre and post video production off your hands, so you can free up time to focus on what really moves the needle for your brand.

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