How to use Channel Tags and Keywords

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This guide will show you how to use channel tags and keywords to find YouTube channels effectively. Note: these filters require a paid plan.

Understanding the Basics

Let's define keywords and channel tags:

  • Keywords Words or phrases in a channel's title or description that help you find channels covering specific topics or content.

  • Channel Tags Labels creators assign to their channels to categorize content, making it easier for you to find what you're interested in. Not all channels have tags.

If you search using a word as both a keyword and a channel tag, it will only show you channels that have that word in their title or description and as a tag. This will likely give you less channels in your search results, however you will have more focused results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Keywords and Channel Tags

Step 1: Deciding which to use (or both)

Keywords - Utilizing keywords tends to yield a broader set of results, which reduces the chance of overlooking channels but increases the amount you'll need to sift through. For example, searching "mental health" may bring up channels covering this subject. However, some channel descriptions might mention "I did this for my mental health " without being directly related to the topic.

Channel tags - Channels self-tag, making those that align with your criteria more likely to be relevant. Yet, not every channel employs tags, and as channels develop, they may not refresh their tags, potentially causing you to overlook valuable findings.

Combining Both - Using both filters is likely to generate a more focused set of results that meet your needs. However, this approach might lead to missing out on some channels.

The key is to experiment - Try each of these methods and see what works best for you. The more you explore and use the search tools, the better you'll become at finding the perfect YouTube channels to match your interests.

Step 2: Utilizing Keywords or Channel Tags in the search tool

  1. Access the filters on Channel Crawler.

  2. Enter a keyword or phrase, like "travel vlogs" for channels about travel.

  3. Hit "Search" to see related channels.

Step 3: Advanced Keyword Searches

Refine your search with these keyword combinations:

  • For either term: Type "term1, term2" (e.g., "vegan, vegetarian").

  • For multiple specific terms : Enter "term1+term2" (e.g., "vegan+recipes").

  • To exclude a specific term: Input "term1 -term2" (e.g., "vegan -meat").

Other examples :

  • Both "Byron" and "Katie" : Type "Byron +Katie".

  • Either "Byron" or "Katie" : Input "Byron, Katie".

  • "Byron" without "Katie" : Search "Byron -Katie".

Need More Help?

For questions or further assistance, visit our help center or contact support. We're dedicated to making your Channel Crawler experience smooth and rewarding.