We are working to translate this FAQ in Spanish. For now, you can read the FAQ items in English.

What is the purpose of the Channel Crawler?

The Channel Crawler was made to discover new YouTube channels, based on your search criteria. You can use it to find other YouTubers that are in your own subscriber range, live in the same country as you, or speak the same language as you. That makes the Channel Crawler a great tool for making new friends and finding interesting channels for collaborations.

How do channels get into the Channel Crawler?

The Channel Crawler uses advanced data collection methods in order to collect channel information from YouTube and store it in the database. Basically, it just checks the liked videos and comment sections of channels that are already in the database, in order to add more channels to it. You can also manually add a channel.

Why do channels sometimes show up under the wrong language?

The Channel Crawler uses a language detection mechanism in order to detect the correct language of the channel, based on the channel description and the titles and descriptions of its videos. This works great for most channels, but it's not flawless. If you see that your channel is linked to the wrong language, just contact us and we will fix that for you.

Why can't you also include email addresses from YouTube channels in the data?

Because YouTube doesn't provide them through its API. And for good reason! We definitely didn't intend for the Channel Crawler to be an email collection tool for online marketers. You can find interesting channels on here, but you have to visit each channel in order to find contact details of that YouTuber.

Can you also include other demographics, such as age, gender etc.?

Nope. We can only work with whatever data YouTube shares through its public API. Demographics are only available through the YouTube Analytics API, for which you need an authenticated request from the channels.

I don't want my channel listed here! Can you remove it?

Of course! Just contact us by email or on Twitter and we'll take care of it right away.

Why are channels sorted differently every time I search?

Because channels are sorted by the date of the latest video, by default. This ensures that all active channels have a good chance of ending up in the front of the search results. You can change the sorting method on the results page.

Can you add more translations?

Sure! If you can help us translating the Channel Crawler in a certain language, we'll definitely add it to the site. Contact us if you want to help out!