We are working to translate this FAQ in Spanish. For now, you can read the FAQ items in English.

How does the Channel Crawler work?

How do I find small YouTube channels?

With our free tool, you can search using ten different criteria to find small, growing channels - also known as ‘micro influencers’ in a specific niche. Remember to use ‘Keywords’ as well as a Category choice to effectively narrow your search. However, if you need more filters - like Subscriber Growth, Monthly Views, Topic searching and channel metadata like ‘Tags’ - take a look at our Premium accounts. Each tier provides access to more data, more filters and more channel results, to optimize your search for the perfect creator partners.

How can I contact lots of YouTube creators?

If you want to contact the YouTubers yourself, simply Export the list yourself from within the search results (see the 'Export' button) and choose "Include e-mail". You can preview some sample data within every search you make. If you are purchasing a large amount of channel emails (>10k), you can Contact us for a sales service and we will help you find list of channels that meet your specs. We have over 500,000 creators to contact with many that have ‘opted in’ via our BrandAlerts.co platform.

I need help contacting YouTubers - can you create me a Campaign?

Absolutely. Alternatively we can handle the marketing for you as a ‘Campaign’ product. We have experience achieving great open rates for our clients and have run many successful YouTube campaigns for consumer products companies as well as small agencies. Visit our parent streamdna.com for our suite of data capabilities and marketing products.

I need lots of data at the cheapest price. is it better for me to take a Premium sub and scrape the data or buy an Export?

Scraping is NOT allowed on our Premium platform subscriptions. Therefore, if you need large amounts of data, please contact us for a quote. We have market leading prices as well as the deepest set of fields per channel available. We have scrape protections on our Premium app including a maximum number of channels viewed per day (2,000).

How do channels get into the Channel Crawler?

The Channel Crawler uses advanced data collection methods in order to collect channel information from YouTube and store it in the database. Basically, it just checks the liked videos and comment sections of channels that are already in the database, in order to add more channels to it. You can also manually add a channel.

How do we spot 'fake subscribers' and improve data accuracy for our brand and agency partners?

There are a few ways to spot YouTube channels that have fake subscribers. One of the most common signs is a sudden and significant increase in the number of subscribers a channel has over a short period of time. Another red flag is if a channel has a high number of subscribers but relatively few views on their videos. Additionally, if a channel has a low number of likes and comments on their videos compared to the number of views, this could also be a sign that they have fake subscribers.

Why do channels sometimes show up under the wrong language?

The Channel Crawler uses a language detection mechanism in order to detect the correct language of the channel, based on the channel description and the titles and descriptions of its videos. This works great for most channels, but it's not flawless. If you see that your channel is linked to the wrong language, just contact us and we will fix that for you.

Why are channels sorted differently every time I search?

Because channels are sorted by the date of the latest video, by default. This ensures that all active channels have a good chance of ending up in the front of the search results. You can change the sorting method on the results page.

I don't want my channel listed here! Can you remove it?

Of course! Just contact us by email or on Twitter and we'll take care of it right away.